Renewable Energy Sources for Automobiles Or Running Unconventionally

Resulting from ever rising gas prices, people are desperate to find alternative fuel sources. Drivers are generally upset that they spend more every time they refill at the gas pump. The best thing about that is maybe they are going to start conserving or find a different way to travel. Funds seem to have an effect on people’s reasons behind doing things. As long as money might be on hand, they don’t particularly care how they enjoy it. The majority of those who are interested in different sources of energy are people who truly are concerned about the earth and the effects petroleum fuels are having on it. If these people didn’t exist, it’s highly improbable that we would have hybrid cars or solar-powered vehicles.
Right now, there are even cars using water-to-gas technology that use water to augment their gas. The rise of manufacturers producing cars that use alternative fuels has had several contributing factors. Numerous governments, particularly European ones, have assessed huge taxes on fuels and have passed restrictive environmental laws related to greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are increasing, and one of those happens to be carbon dioxide, which comes from the fossil fuels running most vehicles. Due to this, our planet’s temperature is climbing which is creating climate change and global warming.
Alternative fuel sources, like LPG, ethanol, solar power, and hydrogen are already integrated into car designs. Liquefied petroleum, also known as LPG, runs cars using a propane/butane mixture. It may potentially cut fuel costs by 50 percent compared to standard fuel by using hydrocarbon gases that are compressed and then liquefied. You can get cars that utilize the power of the sun in order to produce electricity for running motors or creating other fuels. Typically, on the roof of the vehicle, is where the solar panels end up being, that change the energy of the sun into electrical energy.
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An interesting fuel is actually ethanol, which is an alcohol that is made from plant juice, high levels of sugar, or carbohydrates like wheat. Ever since 1975 Brazil continues to be making ethanol out of sugar cane, and because of it, has replaced their daily consumption of oil, saving $1.8 billion. Brazil is currently manufacturing and exporting ethanol driven cars to locations like Japan and Sweden. Nearly one million jobs have been created, and toxic emissions have been reduced by 30% since this industry began.
The greatest clean cars would be those running on hydrogen, since their only emissions are heat and water vapors, quite environmentally friendly. Hybrids, such as the Toyota Prius, employ two different energy sources, combining a small gas engine with an electric motor. Resolving environmental concerns and increasing fuel costs are two reasons to investigate alternative energy sources.